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Good morning everyone, I would like to have an opinion on the best way to name the components.
Normally I name the components in ascending form from right to left and from top to bottom or by zones (circuits) in the schematic, but I see that there are engineers who name the components in the same way but on the PCB. This last mode looks nice on the PCB as they are arranged visually but the disorder is transferred to the schematic. If they are ordered in the schematic, it is in order, it is on the PCB. I am aware that it is only an esthetic question, but what do you think is the best way?
Thank you so much

Traditionally (that is, the way I was taught when the world was manually drawing schematics and doing layouts with tape), discrete components are labelled top to bottom then left to right on the schematic. Parts like ICs are labelled top to bottom then left to right on the PCB.

The reasoning for doing it that way is to make the ICs easy to identify on the PCB, and since they are big and relatively few they are easy-peasy to find on the schematic. Stuff like resistors, OTOH, are a right pain to find anywhere, so you make it simple to find them on the schematic and then they are easy to locate on the PCB because you know what IC they are close to.

Note that 'find' here typically applies to the checking process that no-one does any more but was invaluable for spotting non-netlist issues as well as connection problems.


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