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The ground planes are done by adding a Polygon if I remember correctly.  (I don't use Eagle all the time, just when people want that tool.)  I remember the default for "filling" the polygon to be off.  I think you can edit the parameters of the polygon and turn fill on.  Take a look at the documentation, and I'm sure you'll find the parameter for turning them on.

I would suggest that before sending your board files for manufacture, that you view the gerber files with one of the many free gerber viewing utilities available.  PCB Layout software isn't supposed to make things look different in the Gerbers, but I've seen enough instances of software doing strange things, to take the time to review the Gerber files before I send them out for Fab.  Looking at the Gerber files will make it very clear if your ground planes are working as you expect!


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--- Quote from: ivan747 on December 07, 2011, 07:14:21 pm ---It is OK to change the grid when working with PCBs but it is best to let the PCB trace snap to the IC pin. If you ever change the grid in the PCB, I recommend to use a multiple of the grid you were using before, for example, you can go from a 0.1" grid to a 0.05" one without too many problems.

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Good luck with mixing imperial and metric pitches, eg. 50 mil and 0.8 or 0.5 mm. What grid do you use so both 1.275 mm and 0.8 mm match, 0.025mm? Doesn't Eagle have a feature similar to Altium's electrical grid, where it will just snap to pads if it comes within a certain distance?

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Yes, there's a similar feature.


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