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I am trying to build my very first PCB using Eagle, and I have been largely following the SparkFun tutorials; however, one thing is not working out for me, and that is when I create the board file from my schematic, none of the wires/nets going from my SMD part are appearing in the board. Furthermore, I cannot seem to manually connect them in the board itself.

I am under the belief that the wires/nets aren't actually making proper contact in the schematic but I can't figure out what to do. I think those wires are appearing as being just floating, even though they look perfect to the eye.

Here's a photo of the schematic:

jpg image hosting

...and the board so far:

gif image hosting

The TPA6120A2 part (surface mount) doesn't have anything connected to it in the pcb??? I didn't create the part, but instead downloaded it from http://tendolla.com/designgallery/main.php/v/Eaglelibs/TPA6120A2_lbr.html. I did check it out though, and as far as I can tell it looks to be done properly (if anyone can confirm/deny this I'd be grateful).

If anyone has any ideas or needs more info, please let me know. I really want to get this finished so I can send it away for fabrication.

You have air wires on the board which signifies connections to be made, but haven't been routed yet. (The air wires are the sickly yellow thin lines making everything look like a mess. ) The first thing you should do before you try and route the board is place your 'constants' - connectors, buttons, LEDs, basically anything that you KNOW where you want or it has to go.

Then move and rotate components to make as little overlap between the air wires. Also you'll want to put things like bypass caps as close the the relevant part as you can.

Then, for me sometimes eagle is a little finicky for me when routing. If you are using sparkfuns keyboard shortcuts, press F9. This puts you in 'route' mode. Then make sure that you are routing on top or bottom copper. Probably bottom for through hole and top for SMD. Then click one of the air wires. It should attach a track to one of the pads. Begin routing. You can also click on a pad to start the route.

Hope this helps! If you have anymore questions don't hesitate to ask. (FYI, however that using all caps and multitudes of explanation points in your title is not exactly smiled upon. ;) try and use something more specific. You generally attract those you are more experts in that particular field)


Thanks, and sorry about the title, haha. Unfortunately though, I don't think you understood my problem. I know the thin yellow wires mean there is supposed to be a connection but it hasn't been routed yet (actual traces aren't there), but if you take a look at the SMD part in the board, you will see that no thin yellow wires are going to it... there should be connections from resistors et cera to that part, but it's just sitting there doing nothing. Actually, one connection did go through fine which was the grounded thermal pad on the back of the chip; however, none of the actual pins are making a connection even though I'm drawing nets in the schematic.

As a second note, I did try pressing F9 to draw a new wire, but it doesn't line up with the pins. The grid is (I believe) on a 0.05" spacing, which the casing of the part lines up with, but the pins are in between the points which I can access (if i click on pin 1 to draw a wire, the wire starts in between pin 1 and pin 2).

You can still draw a signal on the pcb if you zoom in enough that you can get an accurate placement on the pad.

Did you use the Net tool instead of the wire tool? The Net tool guarantees an electrical connection; the wire tool is for graphical purposes. I recommend you take an EAGLE webinar on Element14, they can give you some useful tips.

Good luck,


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