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Print Eagle Schematic With a Template


Hey forum,
I am wondering how to print my schematics using a template.  For example one that has a boarder and a title block in the lower right hand corner. 

There are two ways (that I know of) to do that.

1) Click the Add (component) button and then type "frame" in the search box.  There are a bunch to chose from in the 'frames' library.  Pick one and then drop it on your schematic.

2) (Newer versions of Eagle) Click the 'Draw' menu item and then 'Frame'.  Set the 'Columns' and 'Rows' parameters and click the appropriate style (these settings are on the toolbar) then click in the schematic and drag to create the frame.

I have a ULP that will autosize and draw a frame around your schematic.
I don't recall it being particularly useful, but you might think otherwise...

Adding a frame is usually the very first thing I do when starting a new schematic. Then I start drawing my schematic in the frame. Once in a while I push the components around to make room where I need it.

Well, if you're using the Free or Lite version of EAGLE, you can only have one schematic page, but there is no limit on its size...


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