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I've written the program "Place". This program reads eagle *.brd-files and displays the component attributes in one window and the layout in a second window. When clicked at a component-attribute-line a check mark is set in front of the line and in the layout window the component is highlighted. The listview can be sorted by the column caption. Sorting by "group" displays a list by sorting the package and value. The outcome is color marked. The first member of a group shows the component amount found. The program is mainly for hobbyist who place their components by hand. If someone is interested, it can be downloaded from my homepage: www.kd-dietz.com
This program is freeware



I fixed an issue and added a few more things:

the listview can be sorted by "Package" and "Value" each group is colored, in the first line of the group is the number of components
You can show and print a Bom
Help in German and English completed

the current version is V1.1 and can be downloaded from my homepage: https://kd-dietz.com


What Eagle versions are supported? I think there was a major change of file format from version 6 and up.

Can it group components by their value? So for example group all 10kohm resistors to a bunch and show them all at once on the board? That is especially useful for the hand placement it is likely targeted for.

I think this is a very handy tool with a good potential, if it would support also older Eagle versions and could group components by values. Sort of as an equivalent of the iBOM tool from KiCAD.

Hi Yansi

it takes brd-files form eagle version 6 and higher( it needs to be xml formated). It does group same "package" and "values" and mark it colored.


S. Petrukhin:
You've hidden the switch to english quite well...  :)


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