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Hi, yesterday I accidentally moved my schematic using different grid settings. The resoult is visible in the image attached. The "align" command only works for component but not for wires. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I already tried to set back the default grid and try again the align command, with no luck.

I don't have much experience with eagle myself, but if you have a recent backup, then restoring that and re-doing the modifications (except the off grid thing) may be an usable option.

With EAGLE it is important to say which version, i.e., pre or post Autodesk.  I am only pre-Autodesk but this advice may still apply.  Your files should show b## as prior versions.  My first attempt would be to go to the preferred grid and try the last backup.  If that fails, there may be a group command line you can use, but I am not very good at using the command line.

My last option would be to go to the bastard grid and correct the errors.  That is certainly tedious, but is a lit easier than trying to do it using something like the "finest" grid.  FYI: Under options, I assigned a function key (F6) to switch between grids.  It's very useful.  Consider that for the future.  In your immediate case, you might assign the preferred grid to the ALT+ grid and the bastard grid to the regular grid while making adjustments.

Thank you all, I'll see what can I do


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