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Way to add Part Numbers for BOM?


I'm new to Eagle.  I've used other packages working for a large company before, but I'm trying Eagle to see if I can save some money.  (I'm now doing contract engineering.)

I'd like to use Eagle to generate my Bill of Materials from my schematic.  I found the way to do this in Eagle.  The issue is that the only fields I can find that Eagle supports are the Name and Value fields.  Name is really the reference designator... R1, R2, etc, while the value field is the value of the component, 10K, 33K, etc.

Is there a way to add a "field" to components that allows me to associate a part number with the component?


Use attributes.

In case others decide to search, and want to find an answer here...

Eagle supports what are called ULP's.  There are a number of ULP for Eagle that add the ability to manage a BOM.

They may be found at the Eagle website in the ULP area.  I found and have had good luck with "bom-ex".  It adds a variety of fields to the parts in a organized manner, and allows for import of all the field info from a spreadsheet like Excel, or via user input.  It also adds the ability to get pricing info from different manufacturers.

Hope this helps others who were looking for a more complete answer than what I received.


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