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Eagle V6.6.0 Released
« on: June 02, 2014, 05:40:10 pm »
Hi all,

V6.6.0 is out. Here's the update log.


Release notes for EAGLE 6.6.0

* Miscellaneous:

  - Member value of UL_ATTRIBUTE now always returns the attribute's value
    (also if it's from an instance, where the value is always inherited from the
    part attribute).
  - Added missing documentation on member xrefpart of UL_SCHEMATIC object.
  - If a ULP is started from a wire context menu, the wire's selection state
    (first, second or both endpoints) can now be queried in the ULP with ingroup().
  - Improved messages for ULP function neterror() in case of SSL error(s).
    Added a note on SSL errors to ULP net functions in help.
  - Improved help of TEXT regarding the vector font setting.
  - Added SET parameter Option.UnpopulatedMarkScaling to allow scaling down
    the mark of not populated parts in the current assembly variant.
  - Allow upper/lowercase renaming of an assembly variant.
  - Display of a warning with cancel option before a drawing from an older
    version (before version 6) gets overwritten.
  - Added new ULP function sleep().
  - Library update: Information to the user about devicesets that are used in
    schematic but can't be found in the corresponding update library.
  - Added a restriction note in help on ingroup() in relation with userdefined
    context menus.
  - Update in help for maximum sizes related to pads, smds, vias, wires,
    polygons and holes from 0.51602 inch to 200 mm and for board size from
    1600x1600mm to 4000x4000mm.
  - Added a note in help on XML attribute order on ULP functions for XML.
  - New ULP Felicitas_PCBSim.ulp which creates an interface to PCBSim,
    a simulation tool for signal integrity analysis.
  - If an assembly variant is being defined for a part with library attribute
    'VALUE' the variant value is now set according to this attribute.
  - New ULP EagleIDFExporter.ulp. It allows the export of an EAGLE board
    to 3D IDF format for further processing in a 3D CAD system. See also
    EagleIDFExporterInstructions.pdf in doc folder.

* Bugfixes:

  - REPLACE with devices containing attribute VALUE: Update of part value
    accordingly for all cases.
  - Avoid misinterpretation of cutout polygons in packages as arbitrary pad shape.
  - Fix for mouse support for WACOM tablet driver.
  - Fix for swallowing of backslashes in TEXT command invoked from command line.
  - Fix for erroneous changing of dimension endpoints in MOVE command if selected
    by ctrl-click.
  - Fixed possible ignoring of prerouted segments by the autorouter (with possible
    DRC errors).
  - Fixed unjustified message about supply layers if updating drawings of an
    older EAGLE version.
  - Avoid duplicate contact references in the signal if connecting an implicitly
    connected power pin to this net explicitly.
  - Fixed handling of oversized description lines in the XML drawing file.
  - Fixed an occasional hangup of ULP dialogs if an additional confirmation
    dialog has been canceled.
  - Fix for using the proper net class while subtracting wires of pads with
    "Arbitrary Pad Shapes" from polygons.
  - Fixed missing message about insufficient number of contacts if adding a symbol.
    There was a problem if multiple contacts were connected to the same pin.
  - Fixed CUT (COPY) in schematic if a ULP used setgroup() on other sheets.
  - Fix for occasionally not displayed images in HTML descriptions.
  - Fixed loss of parameters for Autorouter default optimize passes if updating
    files to version 6.
  - Ensuring proper update for values of assembly variants after
    CHANGE PACKAGE/TECHNOLOGY in case of parts without user value by adapting
    it to the corresponding device name.
  - Fix for inconsistency after library update if a new device attribute
    collides with an existing schematic attribute.
  - Fixed skipping polygon wires with zero length but different curve values
    while loading drawings.
  - ULP function dlgRealEdit: Corrected warning if valid range is violated.
  - Fix for context menu function 'Open Device' for instances and elements in
    case of special package variant names.
  - Fix for erroneous inconsistency warning after creation of a board from schematic
    if the current assembly variant is not the default one.
  - Fixed unintended execution of the 'if' statement in ULPs if there was already
    an exit() in the 'if' condition.
  - Fix for showing a signal in rectangle mode (command 'SHOW @') if it only
    consists of a contact reference to a pad or SMD.
  - Fixed SPLIT on polygon wires; under certain conditions a wire could change
    to zero length and corrupt the polygon.
  - Fix for inconsistency after library update with existing assembly variants
    for device change from 'Value Off' to 'Value On' or name changes of the
    package variant or technology.
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