Author Topic: [pcb-rnd] new: openems direct path (simulation), with howto  (Read 4827 times)

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[pcb-rnd] new: openems direct path (simulation), with howto
« on: November 25, 2019, 12:22:16 pm »
This took a lot longer than I thought but I am proud of what we did. Again Igor2's announcement.


Hi all,

Evan has been working on an export path to openems for some time and his
work got to production state lately. He has just finished the pool node
that describes how it works:

This is the first application of the new export path. The example
demonstrates how to determine the s-parameters of a hairpin filter drawn
in pcb-rnd. The same method can be used to simulate other high freq
filters as well. With some tweaking, the method will potentially be
suitable for simulating PCB antennas too.

The openems export plugin (mesher included) is auto-enabled with svn HEAD
version and from the next release. With the last stable release you need
to configure export_openems either as buildin or plugin.

Thanks to Evan, Thorsten and Koen.

Best regards,


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