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Title: [pcb-rnd] pcb-rnd on win32: stable release 2.1.4
Post by: ScribblesOnNapkins on November 25, 2019, 12:12:54 pm
The following was the release announcement. Sorry it's a bit late to posting here. (nov. 1st).

Hi all,

for the last stable release, I've:

- cleaned up and recompiled the whole dependency tree; it is still not
out-of-the-box, but is already somewhat portable (in the sense that it has
a chance to work on someone else's Linux system): (

- I've released the binary development pack, required for cross-compiling
pcb-rnd: ( (you can use this
pack to cross-compile your own project if it has similar dependencies)

- I've cross-compiled pcb-rnd 1.2.4 and created the official binary
download area for pcb-rnd: (

- I've updated the win32 installation doc: (

The new version of hidlib.w32 has libjpeg, libgd, libxml2 and everything
we missed from the experimental version so the new release should offer
about as much features as a standard *NIX installation. If you have
windows, please test and report back.

In theory we could relatively easily roll the pack for every upcoming
release. It all depends on whether production users appear or not.

Best regards,