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20 Years with Ultiboard ... What Next?

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Pieter Smets:
It is indeed the 1400 pin version I am looking for.

I suppose you don't sell your copy?

I have one design I would like to recreate but I don't have the intermediate plot file.

Did not generate it at the time...  :-/O

Would be a great help if you could help me with that one.

Even better if I could buy your copy. :-)

Thx for the reply.

Best regards,

Pieter Smets

Hello Pieter,

sorry for my late reaction.

I cannot sell my Uliboard; I still need it myself.

I am happy to make any plotfiles (HPGL, Postscript, DXF) you need,
and also can make high-res TIFF files out of the generated Gerber files.

Please send me a PM with your email address

With cordial greetings to you,
Steven Postma


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