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Allegro Pan mode - how to reverse?


Hi folks,

I'm just picking up Allegro for the first time and working through some tutorials.

To me, their pan mode is totally backwards. I'm completely used to 'dragging the page' rather than 'dragging the window'.  It's driving me a bit bonkers.

Is there any setting anywhere to mirror left/right and up/down when panning? I can't find anything anywhere after a decent amount of searching, googling etc?


'Stretch goal' - any tips on if I can set up a dark theme?  I've not started looking yet for how to do this but just in case anyone knows? (Version 17.2-2016 S055)

Set a checkmark here:  user preferences -> ui -> input -> designhdl_pan

Nice one thanks! I've been so busy with work I've not been back here for a while to check back on this post. 

My next target is why do you have to hold CTRL to zoom with the mouse wheel in Design Entry HDL, but not in PCB Editor.

It's a trivial annoyance compared to so many other issues I've had with this software though!  Trying to learn to use this toolchain via their online training this month has probably taken about 5 years off my life from stress. 

To add to the previous answer (which is for the layout side), in Design Entry HDL, uncheck Tools ==> Options... ==> General --> Window Autopan .


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