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anybody used DFM solution software before?


Hi you guys, recently my boss interested in DFM software, said thats more efficent and decrease manual mistake. so i want ask if you guys have used these kind of software, like Valor etc. its that really helpful?

I have used Valor DFM regularly for the final check of the PCB design before sending the files to the PCB manufacturer. Depending on the EDA tool used, the check can be useful. It is possible to find narrow copper slivers that can hinder the fabrication. Possible problems with soldermask and Legend layer(s), etc. However, Valor and other DFM tools require the definition of rule sets and it is a relatively heavy process. The same applies to HyperLynx DRC, where more advanced rules can be created from the perspective of Power Integrity and Signal integrity. However, it can be said that the result of the DFM check is completely dependent on how well the rules are defined. Unfortunately, you have to define and maintain the rules yourself. If you want to avoid unnecessary warnings or errors. you have to practically create different rule sets for Trough hole technology, HDI, Thick copper, and etc.

For a small company (no extra resources for creating/maintaining DFM rules), I recommend proper and reasonable definition of PCB design rules, so that there are no compromises in terms of manufacturability. Component libraries should also be designed carefully, taking into account PCB fabrication and PCBA manufacturing.

Well.Thank you very much for the suggestion. It's definitely the best we can do to try catch any potential manufacturing defect before prduction as EMS.On the OEM side, i guess you have DRC rules in those design tools that could run some basic checks, we are currently using the checklist saved in excel sheets to do manual review of the PCB board, many could not cover through this process, so i think it's better to find a DFM software to automate this process and cover more comprehensive rules.I heard some of other people talking about the heavy process managing the rule in Valor DFM. This could make it troublesome for us because we are a small team here. therefore, we are also looking for some other software besides Valor. may i know do you have any advice on that?

Downstream Technologies CAM350 is a powerful entry-level tool for DFM checking. Personally, I prefer a third-party Viewer for viewing finished manufacturing documents. I have also used the DFM section and it works flawlessly at least for checking legends and soldermasks and most probably also for checking conductive patterns. I especially like its clear view and simple color palette.

With the tool, it is also possible to do paneling on the PCB array, but it is a relatively painful operation. Especially if you're not into using it. I have mainly used the CAM350 for review purposes.



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