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IPC-D-356 data request - for research purposes
« on: November 23, 2019, 08:19:23 pm »
Hello fellow EDA users,

Some of you may know me from way back when... when around the turn of the century I wrote an IPC-D-356A netlist generator for users of P-CAD 200x. Way back then they did not have their own IPC-D-356A generator, and I saw a need for one.

I am currently evaluating the data in IPC-D-356A netlist files.
If anyone is willing to assist me, I would be interested in a partial output of data – not the whole file.
What I could use for my research is a part, say the Voltage (I.E. 5V or VCC, etc.) and Ground (I.E. GND, AGND, DGND, etc.) sections of the file.

It will look something like this...

317GND              VIA   -     D0120PA00X 032500Y 025400X0000          S0
327GND              D7    -1         UA01X 028350Y 026035X0315Y0315R180 S0
317GND              VIA   -     D0180PA00X 028450Y 028500X0000          S0
327GND              D6    -1         UA01X 029950Y 026035X0315Y0315R180 S0
327GND              D4    -1         UA01X 031650Y 026035X0315Y0315R180 S0
327GND              D5    -1         UA01X 030800Y 026035X0315Y0315R180 S0
327GND              D3    -1         UA01X 032500Y 026035X0315Y0315R180 S0
327GND              D2    -1         UA01X 033350Y 026035X0315Y0315R180 S0
317GND              VIA   -     D0120PA00X 033350Y 025400X0000          S0
327GND              R14   -2         UA04X 034296Y 026850X0291Y0366R090 S0
317GND              VIA   -     D0120PA00X 033800Y 027500X0000          S0

You will notice the characters from the fourth space in identify the Net Name.

All that it requires is an IPC-D-356A file, a text editor and a cut-n-paste of the above mentioned sections to a new text file (NotePad will work for this).

If you don't feel comfortable sharing even a snippet of the file, then that's okay. No worries. Hopefully someone else will help out.

Bonus points go to those that send the above portions of the file from designs that are step-and-repeat designs or that are hierarchical designs and use 'rooms' (in Altium Designer lingo).

I don't need the information produced by any specific CAD software, as a matter of fact, I would prefer that there be a variety of CAD software 'test files' be provided.

If you decide to send me the above requested text files, please send them directly to me (oztronics at hotmail dot com) and not to this forum.

...and yes, I'm for real. If I have violated any rule here, or because I am new and do not have a 'history' of posting - don't let that upset you. If it does, just ignore me.

Thanks for your time and any assistance with this.


James Jackson, CID

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