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Once I got the TTL 7400 series circuits digital chime and display working on a breadboard, then a printed circuit board with through the hole single sided soldering?  How does one go from a breadboard to a printed circuit board or just leave it as a breadboard? 


do pcb if you want permanent circuit. breadboard is not "tidy".

Vero (strip) board is most certainly an option.


yeah veroboard is quite good.

I only use breadboard to design and test small sections of my main circuit. Once i'm confident all sections are working the whole project gets built on veroboard, or sometimes i just make a prototype pcb using the laser printer method.

The problem with breadboard is that it can get quite messy with large circuits, and you sometimes get bad connections that can be annoying to track down. Also in tracking down bad connections you sometimes disturb other sections which then stop working.

Yeah,I've never liked breadboarding--it's so easy to lose a connection,especially if the wires you are using are not  ideal for the job, when they can pop out or snap off.
I usually build from scratch on stripboard.
There are a number of other techniques which can be used,such as using very high value resistors soldered to a ground plane,or pieces of PCB glued to boards,as tie points.



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