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I had to make a rev to a PCB laid out with CADStar (version 12? maybe 13?).

It imported into Altium but with many problems which would have taken longer to fix than the mod so I subbed out the change to a CADStar guy. 

I needed and asked for and kept not getting a .PAF file from him which is some kind of CADIF export starting with

 (format CADIF 7 0)

Can anyone with CADStar experience tell me if this is a difficult thing to produce, is it not a standard option?

CADIF is a standard output format in CADSTAR and can be output in a few seconds using the file export options.
Or it can be output in the batch processor alongside the gerbers.

However the .paf file is only 1 method of assembly data for assemblers to use.
An ODB++ file would be better as it includes the whole board data, this too only takes a minute to produce.
(Assuming the silkscreen layer is not a mess).

Make sure you get the schematic & PCB files.

Then you can use the free CADSTAR design viewer to be able to view them.

Thanks for the info I will press the guy again.


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