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Can't find pcb breaker footprint anywhere

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I can't find anywhere in easy eda smd "breakers", i don't know if that's the correct name but usually on pcb's it say BK and it looks like pic related, anyone know what's the real name for this? Tried searching on the internet didn't find it. It's use is for easily interrupting traces.

Maybe if you showed a real picture or gave a link your query would make sense.

Consider a wire jumper if you want an easily interrupted trace.  Or, draw something that can be easily cut or scrapped with a knife blade.

Alex Eisenhut:
They have many names like cracker, mouse bite, break off, you can simply ask your fabricator for their template.
You can either implement them or simply ask them to add them, but you better be careful and not route or place parts too close!

My guess is he's looking for a "trace fuse" like this
Image stolen from: https://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/200350/can-thin-sections-of-copper-traces-be-used-as-fuses

You'll want to draw that yourself.
I prefer the solder bridge method, have two pads close together, then dab a drop of solder across them to complete the connection. Easier than dealing with cutting through a trace.



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