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CL, ZNR, CS as Reference Designators?

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I have a PCB that has some reference designators that I haven't seen before, just out of curiosity, I was wondering if anybody knows what CS stands for

This PCB has
NTCs as "CL", no idea why
MOVs as "ZNR" (I found that ZNR stands for Zinc-Oxide Non-liner Resistor)
but for "CS" I have no clue

it is SOD-123 diode (marking is "AF") but diodes do have "D" as Ref Des in this particular board.

CurrentLimiter? Only for inrush, but maybe.  CR (crystal rectifier) common enough for diodes, not sure about CS.

Several have it as a zener: https://smd.yooneed.one/code4146.html


Thanks, yes, it is most likely a Zener

Sometimes you can tell the region where designers are, earth symbol style on schematic  or selection of negative colors (blue VS black) on equipment

My guess for “CS” is “current source”, a two-terminal device or circuit that maintains a reasonably constant current value over a wide range of voltage across it.  Does that make sense for the overall circuit?

Not really, it doesn't make sense in once part of the circuit but in other is used as a  flyback diode. (it is actually a bad design overall, some parts doesn't make sense at all)

All ref des start with 0, as R0, D0 etc, and the revision code has a typical SW format, so I assume it most be a software engineer design ...?


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