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Converting Mentor PADS to PADS ASCII


Hello friends

I found this really cool TI reference design, but it's *ancient*


I have PADS .pcb and .sch files for the design, but they are BIN and not ASCII so I can't open them in a modern program.

Does anyone have a version of PADS installed that could export these as ASCII files?


I had a quick look at the .pdf of the PCB and it looks fairly simple.
KiCad can create a PCB project from a set of gerber files, and although the conversion is not perfect (a lot of info is missing in gerber files), it's still a lot better then a full manual re-creation.

There is a quite nice tutorial for doing this on the KiCad forum:

I assume other EDA programs can do something similar and something in that direction seems your best option if you can't manage to do a direct conversion.


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