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Corporate banning all politically-driven western made software & hardware.

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The 3k employees corporation I work for is undergoing major risk management and restructuring, of which, among other things, involves the complete decoupling from western made software & hardware. As an example; we are being told that Windows OS will be banned on all workstations starting Jan 1st 2025. So will be Siemens NX and Altium Designer, of which the E&M.Eng teams are tooled with currently, to name just a few out of quite a few more. Product lines' western made CPUs, MCUs, FPGAs, passives, etc etc all that eventually gets decimated and replaced with eastern made equivalents.

Why I'm saying this is, management have yet officially told us what are the replacements/equivalents for those EDA and CAD tools due to ongoing negotiations and contractual agreements (confidentiality). All we know 'officially' for now anyway is we're moving toward a custom linux kernel (made in-house).

Does anyone know which foreign company(ies) offers professional linux based EDA software? Name a few so I can add this to our speculation list during lunch...

What logic to avoid "Western" influence allows Linux to be preferred?  It was birthed in Finland.  Is there any OS that is neither Western nor Eastern?  Sounds like a typical management smoke screen for the real motive.

Edit: Corrected typo in Linux

I would change the content of your message because it is easy to guess in which of the few companies on Island you might be employed and you never know who might be reading what you wrote.


--- Quote from: temperance on April 10, 2024, 06:40:05 pm ---I would change the content of your message...

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No need. Public knowledge, as in shareholders were officially made aware last Fri 5th April. Memo circulated internally the day prior that. Nothing secret, however I'll still leave the corp id out of this. ps I'm obvi not from an Island, sure feels like cocoland though....

@jpanhalt - motive is crystal clear, maximizing profits long term and risk management (economically). Not exactly the first company we know of who've recently restructured similarly, or in the process of doing so, like ours. Quite a significant number of them given the recent weaponizing of trade & economics a/k/a western-new-normal. Not only private and public corporations in fact, but foreign institutions also.

I'd still like to know who offers politically neutral and professional grade linux based EDA & CAD solutions. Part I'm missing and which I'm interested in.

Have you heard of the feigned retreat tactic? (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feigned_retreat).  I doubt in an East v. West situation the East will be any more less political.  It may seem less today, but is that simply a lure?


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