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So, day 2 of being a pretend PCB designer - and I have something where my 'fix list' has dried up. So here's your chance to ruin any sense of satisfaction I currently have ;)

Firstly a brief word about the overall layout. The requirement for this is for it to be narrow. I've got maybe an inch and bit to play with on the Y axis.

Secondly I wanted to make it breadboardable. So the interface pads at the edge will have header pins. Maybe right angle if I can find more space in the enclosure, otherwise straight. Easy to pop into a breadboard for testing / prototyping a bigger system.

Electrical stuff... the outputs on the two 12 pin headers will each be sinking up to 30ma per pin. That means the common ground might be returning up to 720ma per board. So I decided to use a spare pin on the bus headers and bi-wire it. The VCC won't be carrying anything like that (there's a seperate source for the high current driver need, exposed via the VLED jumper. It doesn't interact with the circuit on the board).

Everything else is 'just' logic carrying SPI type stuff. The fastest signals will be about 1MHz tops.

So, err, *blushes*, here it is... (DipTrace btw)

The board is here:


The schematic is very slightly out of sync with the board, but it gives you the general idea.


*fingers in ears* ;)


ETA... The board top and bottom as PNG files:



Is it possible to get a pdf or a picture of it?

PDFs or images would be nice for those of us without diptrace.  :)

Ah, ok. Will do some PDFs when I get home. :)

(Anyone mega-curious, there's a freebie version of DipTrace that's downloadable).

So, here's the top and bottom as PNG files.




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