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Hi everyone. :)

I'm sure you are all aware of Dave's other site, with some cool projects. I'd like to give his function generator a try, however, when I try to print off the original pcb artwork, it is far too big. I've tried rescaling and checking with an ic, but I can't seem to get it quite right.

Could someone please suggest what the best reduction factor would be?

Link to the project is here:

Many thanks for your time chaps,


P.S. Dave, I'm not going to just clone your project, as you talk about in #333, I plan to add a few things to it and tweak it a little, however, I'd like to make it so I can probe it and experiment with the real thing. :)

yea add a silk of your name. that should repurpose it.
cant help with your scaling, but my suggestion will be open it with photoshop scale it indepently x y axis or selective area scaling. sharpen edge and print make sure fit to screen disabled :P


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