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DesignSpark PCB 4.1 has been released


I really like that DesignSpark PCB  have a change log. And it looks like they have been busy !
04/03/2013 - Version 4.1 Bug fixes:

* Authorisation : white space was not trimmed from the ends of a pasted activation code
* BOM Quote : locale did not follow changes in locale in Preferences
* ModelSource : Quick Search with no results showed communication error
* ModelSource : Unable to log in using Chinese user name
* ModelSource : View Datasheet button didn’t work in Quick Search
* Preferences : needed to check if logged in before attempting to access EDA server for locale info
* Setup : needed to set ‘wide open’ permissions on PROGRAMDATA\DesignSpark PCB folder
* Setup : didn’t warn about over-writing existing master libraries when doing full install
* 3D View: The 3D View windows did not take into account the Preferences setting for ‘reverse mouse zoom’.
* Change Layer: In a PCB design with no bottom electrical layer defined, changing the layer of a track segment could cause the application to quit as it attempted to find a ‘best fit’ layer span for vias.
* DXF#1: One particular DXF file would not place imported arcs in the correct location.
* DXF#2: If the current default line style was an unnamed style, shapes in the DXF could not be imported as Board Outline but would instead always revert to being Shapes.
* Import Eagle #1: Power and ground plane layers were not being transferred from Eagle PCB designs.
* Import Eagle #2: Eagle files could not be imported on some Windows 7 or Windows 8 systems.
* Integrity Check: Sometimes an existing component in the PCB would be renamed and replaced instead of simply adding a new component.
* N.C. Drill: The milling commands for some slotted pads were not taking the size of the milling tool into account, and were thus causing the milled slot to be slightly over-sized.
* Net Names: Predefined net names from the component were not using value positions defined in the Schematic symbol when choosing the position for those net names when the component was added to the Schematic design.
* Open: Some designs from earlier versions of the application would not read into DSPCB version 4.
* 3D Libraries: Adding an unnamed ‘prism’ element to a user-defined 3D package was causing the library file to become unreadable.
* Change Net: After allowing Change Net to merge nets across the whole project, Integrity Check would fail with an error ‘Cannot find net “”’.
* Component Edit: Attempting to map multiple pins in a multi-gate component was producing incorrect results.
* Delete: After deleting a block port, the application could unexpectedly quit when attempting to save the block file.
* Drawing: When adding or moving free pads in a PCB design containing vias, some or all of the other free pads would disappear.
* Help: Several options were not linked to the correct help page when pressing F1 for context-sensitive help.
* Import OrCAD Netlist: Importing an OrCAD netlist was creating nets with no net class.
* Layers: Layer data could get mixed up after using the Up or Down buttons to re-order layers.
* Move: Moving some shape segments adjacent to arcs could cause the arc to reverse direction.
* Open: The application was failing to open a PCB design from an earlier version of DSPCB when the design contained unprotected Vias with no tracks attached.
* Plotting #1: When plotting multiple layers to the same Windows plot, the output was not in layer order.
* Plotting #2: Implied (automatic) junction points on Schematic diagrams were usually printing as hollow instead of filled.


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