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DesignSpark PCB 8.0 Beta Changelog



3D View

The ‘Top Coloured’ setting for ‘Can’ packages had no effect, causing the top of the can to always be drawn in the same colour as the body.
Add Component

The preference setting ‘Add Component Keeps Library Style Sizes’ was not having any effect on how styles of newly-added components were matched to styles already in the design.
If component in library has a Value, and it is marked as visible, and the interactive preference 'Add component hides values' is off, adding that component to a design would cause a name change (Back Annotation) record to be created.
Add Square

Holding the Ctrl key when adding squares did not alter the shape to be centred around the cursor position.
Add Triangle

Using Change Style to alter the style of a shape during Add Triangle would ignore that style change on finishing the shape.

The splash screen and ‘about’ dialog in the Educational edition mistakenly reported that the application was not authorised when in fact a valid authorisation was in place.
Auto Place

The Auto Place dialog mistakenly allowed the placement grid to be set to zero, which then caused the application to loop forever.
In some circumstances, Auto Place could position components so that DRC would then report component-to-component errors.
Auto Rename Components

Auto Rename would not always sequence component names correctly when working on both sides of the board, or when handling multiple boards in the same PCB design.
Auto Rename of components across a multi-sheet Schematic design would sometimes fail to rename some components, or accidentally rename them to create duplicate component names.
Back Annotation

Attempting to run Back Annotation where one or more net renames consisted purely of change in the ‘case’ of the net name could cause the application loop forever.
Component Bin

When working in a Schematic sheet that had somehow lost its reference back to its containing Project, moving a component to the Component Bin could cause the application to quit.
Design Calculators

Track Width & Resistance calculator would not accept temperatures below zero.
Design Rule Check

Component-to-Component checking was in some circumstances generating a spurious error indicating that two components were overlapping when in fact they were not.

Screen grid sometimes failed to draw when panning or zooming, reported when creating or editing symbols with no technology file selected.
Centre-aligned symbol text is misplaced when the symbol is flipped in a design.

In some circumstances, duplicating components could result in the new components using the wrong pad styles.
After duplicating part of a Schematic, the newly added connections sometimes did not allow Display Net Name on the right-button context menu.
Eagle Import

Depending on the precision of the coordinate units, duplicate named line, track and text styles could be created when importing Eagle files.
Component and symbol names longer than the allowed 30 character limit were not always being resolved during import, thus rendering the resulting components incomplete.
Forward Design Changes

When new components were added to an existing PCB design, they were placed inside the board outline on top of other components, instead of being arranged outside the board where they were easier to access for placement.

Login and Registration dialogs forced themselves to be ‘topmost’ windows and thus block access to other applications.
Gerber Output

When creating a solder paste plot for pads using the Annulus pad shape, paste would be placed across the hole in the middle of the annulus instead of creating a torus as expected.
The precision used for the corners of Rounded Rectangle pads was too low, thus producing a coarse representation of the pads on the plot.
When plotting shapes using a line style set to something other than Solid, spurious additional lines could appear on the plot between various corners of the shape.
Goto Bar

The default setting for ‘Search All Project’ was Off, which meant that many people did not realise that Goto could be used to find items across all Schematic sheets in a Project.
With the Goto bar set to show Nets, any net added during Forward Design Changes did not automatically appear in the listbox in the Goto bar.
IDF Output

Coordinates output to IDF did not take the Coordinate System Origin into account and were always relative to the lower left corner of the entire working area.
Insufficient angular resolution could result in some arcs being misshapen when the IDF data is loaded into another application.

After using Copy to create a copy of an item, this new item did not always appear straight away in the list of library contents.
Footprints were incorrect for some AMP components.
When using the Report button on the Library Manager dialog to search for components using a particular symbol, names were not compared using a case insensitive check and the report could therefore be incomplete.
With an empty list of library folders, attempting to access the 3D tab of the Library Manager dialog could cause the application to quit.
Creating a new component library did not refresh list of library files on Folders page.

Resolution of text characters using TrueType fonts was too low, causing inaccurate representation of some custom logos created as fonts.
Nested board outlines were not always being correctly handled as cutouts in the outer board shape.
Optimise Nets

A connection was not being added to a through hole pad on a power plane net where that pad had it’s power plane connection type set to Isolate From Plane.
After using Optimise Nets on a design containing power planes, it was sometimes not possible to delete those power plane layers from the design because they were still marked as used.
PDF Output

Generating a set of plots to separate PDF files (instead of combining into a single document) could result in those files being given names that did not reflect the actual layers plotted to each of the files.
Some TrueType text was not being positioned correctly on PDF plots.
Pour Copper

Changing the Isolation Gap settings on the Pour Copper dialog would have no effect on the resulting poured copper. Those settings could only be altered through the Rules page of the Design Technology dialog.
In some situations the application would mistakenly avoid placing thermal spokes on adjacent pads in positions that would cause those spokes to touch each other.

Attempting to add a Schematic file to a Project when that file was already open in another instance of the application could cause the current application to quit.

The settings for ‘Thermal Pad’ and ‘Thermal Via’ on a Copper Pour Area were not being correctly saved in the design.

The list of settings shown in the report that appears at the end of DRC mistakenly listed a ‘net track length difference’ check that does not actually exist in the application.
Symbol Wizard

The spinners for some values (including ‘width across symbol’ and ‘length of pin leg’) stepped in the wrong direction (clicking up arrow caused value to be reduced).
Drop-down lists for pin and line styles were not being populated with styles from the selected technology file.
Windows Plotting

Solder resist plots written to Windows printers did not always obey the unchecked state of ‘Fill Drill Holes’ checkboxes.
Rotated TrueType text would in some circumstances be placed in the wrong position.

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