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I have some random questions about DS PCB that hopefully people here can answer. I've searched on both this forum and Google and can't find anything. If you have links to forum posts here or elsewhere or manual pages than answer these questions, I'm more than happy to read those too! No need to repeat yourself if it's been answered elsewhere.

1. How do you turn off airwires/ratsnests? Just want to disable them and manually route without having to look at the jumbled mess of lines going everywhere.
2. How do you pack a project up (including a custom library) to email to someone?

That's it for now, thanks!


I haven't found a setting to disable the "rats–nest" display yet, but if you want to email a project, you need a zip–file containing the *.sch, *.pcb, Gerbers if you created them, and the *.ssl, *.psl and the *.cml files associated with the components you made, they're usually in the "Users" Library Folders together with the design files!

Also, if you run the "Manufacturing Outputs" to create gerber files, the holes don't always show in gerber-viewers unless you include the *.mop file!

*.sch – DS Schematic Design, ".pcb – DS PCB Design, *.ssl – DS Schematic Symbol file, *.psl – DS PCB Symbol Footprint, *.cml – DS Component Model File

Chris Williams


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