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DesignSpark PCB, problem with updating footprints



Did anyone came across problem with changing part and then forwarding changes to PCB in version 8? I'm not sure if this problem persists in version 7.2 , I opened some older projects and everything works OK. It works at he beginning of creating a schematic and PCB, but then footprints are missing on PCB after changes were forwarded to PCB. If I would translate schematic from scratch to PCB then it works, but after this you can be almost be sure that it will stop to work. Although DS PCB has some issues, I think it's still better than Eagle, Kicad because of the large part database that I always missed in those programs. You can even import parts from Excel app that transfers it into DS PCB. Auto-router is poor, but it's not the most important thing. But all this is not an issue , until this one with footprints. Has anyone a workaround for this?


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