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Double Sided MCPCB with plated through vias?


We wish to make a 6W Buckboost  switch mode  lighting PCB  (15cm by  1.8cm) with LEDs one side and the driver electronics the other side. (everything SMD) There  will also be a microcontroller to give  dimming control.
We want  the PCB  to be as thin as possible, but not so thin it bends easily.
We believe that  we can have two pieces of MCPCB which sandwich a plastic core. We will need plated through vias for the tracking of the driver  & control electronics. We believe that plated through vias can be achieved with this setup, and can be done by simply drilling though both pieces of MCPCB where the vias occur, and then drilling through the plastic core in the same position…then plating the hole of the plastic core.
Do you believe that this is possible?
How expensive would you think this would be?

Vin = 20 – 50V
V(LEDs) = 45V

There exists dual side MCPCB, but you cannot do vias between the two layers.
My proposal would be to use 2 PCB.
Top MCPCB with LEDs
Bottom MCPCB with electronics
both on the same production panel
connected together with SMT jumpers like https://sumida-flexcon.com/hp3293/PANTA-SMD.htm
during assembly you de-panelize, bend the SMT jumper and close the assembly with some glue.


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