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has anybody here any experience with EveryCircuit? There's also a free version, but it's limited to such a degree that I can't decide if the app just looks cool, or if it can be actually useful to quickly test an idea on the go.


I have it, a bit of a gimmick in my opinion.

Have a look at ElectroDroid (free), DroidTesla (demo), 555 times (free) and FuncGen (free). Maybe you will find what you are looking for there. I particularly like ElectroDroid as it has a lot of useful calculators and even more useful resources.

I second that. ElectroDroid is great. I use SoundForm for generating signal with my phone when I must :)

Both ElectroDroid and EveryCircuit have been very useful to me.  Just now I finished debugging a circuit, and found the process so much easier with an EveryCircuit simulation running on my phone, right next to my board and multimeter.  I'm excited.


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