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Favorite EDA package for repeated-subunit layout


I design a lot of instrumentation for physics instrumentation where we have a lot of repeated subunits. I've used kicad's repeat layout plugin, as well as diptrace and altium. The repeat layout function doesn't really work super well, diptrace falls short in a few ways (most significant being hard coded absolute paths in files.) Altium is very nice and basically meets my needs but I'd like to explore a bit. Does anyone have any suggestion for an EDA package with an educational (I'm at a university) version available that handles layouts with repeated subunits very well, that they like overall? PADS and OrCad seem quite popular but I'm not sure about their educational discount status and I don't even know if those versions have this repeated subunit functionality.

yes to both. OrCAD/Allegro support circuit replicate and has free student version


You might want to have a look at Pulsonix:

I'm not 100% sure, but I think they offer discounts for students.


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