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Many of you already know about OpenBoardView, which is the open-source, free for all MIT licenced software that is used a lot for board repair.

There's now a commercial closed source fork,  "FlexBV" which adds extra features such as;

 * PDF coupling; 
  One of the biggest pains with the existing system was having to manually transpose/type what you wanted to search for between OBV and your PDF schematic,  this is now

* PDF Part Find;
  When you're looking for a part and you've run out of donors or all your existing donors have the part missing, the PDF Part find will let you locate which other schematics potentially have the item you're seeking

* PDF Favourites;
  Set your favourite pages, no more page jumping just to get to the page of interest

* Improved rendering;
* Job tracking

***Features in the pipeline;
 * Multimeter integration
*  Expected values/measurements for nets ( volts, diode-mode, ohms )

FlexBV is available at  for $149 USD (via PayPal) for immediate licence and download. NO DONGLE or INTERNET REQUIRED
Runs on macOS 10.11+, Windows 7+,  Ubuntu 16.04 LTS +
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