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FreeCAD - is it just me, or bug city?

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Ok, i've been playing with freeCad.  It seems, considering it's free, to be pretty well featured, but there seem to be soooo many bugs it's pretty much un-useable. Have others found this, or is it something i'm doing wrong?

For example, i do a sketch, fully constrain that sketch, and then sometime later, after some further operations, it's reports an error with that sketch and it now has excess or insufficient constraints suddenly.  This is especially true if you try to make an even slightly parametric model, ie your constraints are based on other geometry!

Sometimes, if i save and restart, all is well again for a bit, but sometimes, say something pocketed out using the sketch geometry is now different.  It also seems just about impossible to go back into the lower items in the tree and change anything with messing everything up that's been done after that point.  What's the point in parametric design if you can't change anything??


Do you know that you can have fusion360 for free is some circumstances, if you fit the criteria is a nice idea to take a look


fusion360. almost better than solidworks ! and zero cost.

For 2d work : Dassault Draftsight. Kicks autocad out the door, across the street, into the field where it lands in a pile of cow-poo (where it [autocad] belongs).


--- Quote from: max_torque on September 30, 2017, 09:51:35 pm ---Ok, i've been playing with freeCad.
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I used QCad for 2D and Fusion 360 for 3D. Simples.

Sorry, for the late reply!  (i've been away)

Well i'm giving up with FreeCAD.  It's fine for really simple stuff, but unless one can reliably go back and change dimensions in a sketch and have that then cascade down through the model correctly i can't see how it' s any use for real designing (where it's inevitable as the design progresses that initial dimensions will need to be changed)

I tried to do a simple tubular frame today, and when i changed a tiny detail on sketch, part of the frame dissipated completely and another bit suddenly appeared on a completely different plane to where it had been....

Fusion360 however looks excellent judging by the various tutorials i've been watching on UUUUUUUtube!  :-+


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