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Freecad new release 0.21

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Just noticed that Freecad 0.21 was released this August 2023. I was expecting a new version since previous ones seemed to have lots of bugs.
Still using an old version of Solidworks but would be happy to switch.
Anyone tried it?

I've been using it for my small stuff. Not a significant difference from the previous versions, just minor improvements.

They have also started work on fixing topological naming problem, which makes manipulating operations stack basically not work at all. But this release only contains prep work for that, so the actual behavior is still the same.

I hope they fix whatever bug caused me a lot of frustration a few weeks ago. I was simply trying to mirror an extruded shape across a plane and it just refused to do it, just giving me some inscrutable error message. I have no idea what the problem was, there was nothing complicated about the shape. I gave up in the end; my 3D PCB rendering will just have to go without one particular part.

There are a lot of cases where it throws random errors in the log. I would not expect fixes for that soon. I think there is some activity to clean it all up, but it will take a lot of time.

I didn;t notice a behavioral changes.

FreeCAD as usual. For non critical things FreeCAD is just Excellent. I really enjoy it. But... It can really bring someone to the edges. I wouldn;t want to designing a complicated time critical part and at 80+% to discover that fillet operation inexplicably fail.



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