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Hello, I am a completely new member to this forum, but I wanted to create a discord for the HackRF with supported firmwares (Portapack | Portapack Havoc | Jawbreaker etc)
https://discord.gg/dpx89GZ - new invite link, never expires!
Please invite all of your Fr3qz, I'll create moderation / bots when a few people start joining.
Thank you & nice to meet everyone  :D

added new invite link above

1) I don't know what a "discord" is
2) I don't like to connect to yet another group/forum/etc., especially without knowing what advantages that brings, considering it costs me a little bit of my privacy
3) You have subscribed to this forum just to get people for "your" project - without contributing anything to this forum

HackRF is a nice piece of hardware, but unfortunately, in my opinion, the creators did have little to no concerns in fixing their bugs or to listen to feature requests. As it is, the HackRF is basically useless for entry-level Windows programmers (unless you want to develop your own firmware). Even the included hackrf_sweep.exe does not work correctly and nothing has been done in more than a year.

To me it means that this platform is almost dead.



--- Quote ---Please invite all of your Fr3qz
--- End quote ---
You are what, 13 years old?

Getting yourself a thumb up straight in the first post is a bit rich, dont you think.

Alright, just trying to contribute to the community by creating an outlet for a specific device (that has many bugs / errors). Seems like I'm in the wrong spot!


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