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Help Understanding LTSpice Netlist for SCHMITT Device



I'm not particularly knowledgeable with regards to LTSpice. I only really know the basics. I'm trying to debug a .sub that describes a component. It works for the most part, but some behaviour isn't what it should be.

In order to debug it, I'm trying to recreate the subcircuit from the netlist in the .sub file. For example one of the instances of a SCHMITT is "A1 Ct b8 0 0 0 0 N015 0 SCHMITT vt=0 vh=1m". I'm happy with most of it. The input is pin 1, and is connected to net Ct. However, I can't find the a pin 2 that b8 is supposedly connected to. Am I missing something here?

Discussed here https://electronics.stackexchange.com/a/626245

--- Quote ---Both inputs are signal inputs. It's just that the inverting input will be, well, inverted, so do take that into account when setting vh. And it's provided as it is to help people implement comparators with, or without hysteresis. Or simply having a differential input.
--- End quote ---


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