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--- Quote from: Doctorandus_P on December 14, 2022, 12:52:36 pm ---From another unconventional viewpoint:

How complex is the circuit that has to be in this chamber?

Is it feasable to glue the parts to some substrate and then just air wire it?

--- End quote ---

I love unconventional! Almost everything I work with is firmly within that category  ^-^ And you're right, it's very feasible and I sometimes just do it that way (with 2 component epoxy) ;D but here's a list why I usually want PCBs, especially for 20+ samples experiments where I need consistent experimental conditions for each sample.

* Total flexibility for board mounting dimensions and methods
* Holes for strain relief, wire holding and metal strips usage wherever I need them
* It looks professional 8)
* I can't just unscrew epoxy when I want to take the part back off
* Incredibly high level of consistency between each "channel" of the setup
* Some of my experiments require SMD components.
* Soldering a a long row of lined up, identical SMD components is incredibly time efficient
* When you think about it, PCB material is actually a pretty cost efficient substrate for what you are describing as well, for these ambient conditions. If I had a 3D printer that could print PEEK (which needs a very hot heat chamber) I would probably be replacing my boards with printed parts in many of my experiments.


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