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Hey peeps,

I have been building boards for a couple of years now for baking in 130 °C (266 F) for several years continously using the SH260 material, but the last quote I just got from PCBway was over 2000 USD  :'(

Does anyone know if an aluminium PCB would also be able to withstand the same temperatures for that duration without warping and outgassing? (There is no component heat generation, so the board will have a very homogenous temperature distribution for the entire duration. The applied voltage is like 4V max.) I also see there is a Tg170 variant now that wasn't there the last time I ordered, maybe this would also fare better than the Tg150 boards that were totally obliterated a few years back?  ;D

Aluminium PCB just means a PCB bonded in some way to aluminium, so that's not a solution in itself. It may be worse. Sticking with polyimide is probably the best option. Why the requirement for SH260 when there are plenty other good polyimides? I've seen Isola P95 used in high temperature environments before but typically 18months max.

AllPCB says the following:

--- Quote ---3. Dimensional Stability

Aluminum substrate printed circuit board has apparently higher stability than the insulating material of the printed circuit board. When heated from 30 ° C to 140 ~ 150 ° C, the dimensional change of aluminum substrate is only 2.5 ~ 3.0%.
--- End quote ---

I don't see anything from JLC or others, maybe ask them.

2.5-3% is kind of a lot tbh. In any case, I don't think an absolute dimension change is the main villain here, last time the board outgassed a lot over the years and warped, the opposite ends of it were probably somewhere around 8-10 degrees different. Several traces had peeled off.

Ended up ordering with just Tg170-180 material and praying for the best, if it doesn't work I will try Rogers 4003C which apparently has gotten quite a lot cheaper ;D

Thanks for the replies!

What's the application, if not confidential?


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