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--- Quote ---the problem with rubberbanding is that it vomits diagonal lines everywhere
--- End quote ---

That's been somewhat improved in Version 2.0: https://blog.horizon-eda.org/new/2021/05/31/whats-new-2.0.html#fewer-crooked-net-lines

--- Quote ---doesn't work on diagonal lines.
--- End quote ---
Is the diagonal line between two pins? If that's the case its start and end points are determined with the pins. In that case, just drag the line to bend it.

--- Quote ---that pair should be there when a blank project is created.
--- End quote ---

Good suggestion, just implemented it: https://github.com/horizon-eda/horizon/commit/7c54653cc70ea0e65991a819ceeb3b90fb68bccb

--- Quote ---how do i get a grid that is , let's say 1/10 th of the pin grid
--- End quote ---

Hold down the fine grid modifier key (usually alt, can be changed in the preferences). Should only be required when drawing symbols though.

--- Quote ---normally you set center , then diameter , then begin and end angle.
--- End quote ---

Seems reasonable, should land in a couple of days.


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