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How to mount LED in a product front panel

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kindly check the image here.

I am interested into learning how to mount LEDs on front panel like this and which part from Digikey can be used? I know he uses PCBs as front and under panel while the design PCB itself (green color) is in between..

more pics from here: https://www.axunworks.com/product-p341706.html


This is just standard 3.5 mm LEDs mounted on the green board and poking though the top cover.

There is nothing like this that can be used with a single board and with an actual lens. But if you are ok with just a hole in the top panel PCB and light shining though, then you should search for  reverse-mount LEDs. Some of them are flush with the mounting surface, some will sit in the hole and may end up being flush with the panel surface.

Basically this https://dammedia.osram.info/media/img/osram-dam-2711021/s,x,760,y,0/00142087_0.jpg or this https://www.we-online.com/catalog/media/o135755v209%20Family_WL-SFRW.jpg

Although some seem to be more attractive, may be even suitable for direct use without additional lenses https://www.digikey.com/en/product-highlight/s/sunled/1206-reverse-mount-with-inner-dome-lens

Mounting TH LEDs like this is an annoyance in terms of production (if you have any kind of production to do, now if it's just prototypes, who cares.)

Usually easier to use SMD LEDs and light pipes to guide light to the front panel. Like this: https://www.lumex.com/lightpipe.html

I've seen plastic spacers used to get the LED at exactly the correct height. Search for LED spacer/standoff or LED lamp holder.

There are spacers, but then you will be running into an issue of designing your stuff around those spacers. Plus they are still annoying for mass production. Avoid if at all possible.


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