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I want to know what the best way to create IBIS models is and whether this is a worthwhile exercise?

I want to create an IBIS model for PCIe gen 3.0 and various other signal protocols but I don't know how to do this? Some components it's very easy to get an IBIS model for but others it's very difficult and I'm wondering if generic models exist that I can edit?

I was sent a s-parameters model by TI as an alternative for one component but I can't convert this into a useful format.

Thanks in advance


If you are after a generic model, then I would have thought you would be simply looking at a spice model.

IBIS models tend to be used for i/o pin inductance/capacitance/resistance/clamping, and hence are slightly different for each pin on a device.

In addition, "protocol" usually implies operation at a much higher level than individual transistions and bits.

Spice models would be useful, but I'm not sure where to locate those either?

I was aware I was misusing the term protocol but I thought it would sufficient :)


I suspect you will have to decide what aspects you are/aren't interested in modelling, and create a suitable model from spice primitive models such as voltage sources, transmission lines, resistors etc.

Generally speaking, you (as a PCB designer) will not make IBIS models.  IBIS models are supplied by the vendor of the IC you are simulating. 


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