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Hey All,

I'm in need of a pre-Windows CADSTAR to deal with some circa ~1992 files.  In particular, I believe it's CADSTAR for DOS with PCB layout mark 7.6 although I'm not sure how much the base version number really matters-- I just need the PCB layout stuff in particular to try to open a couple legacy files that are too old for even the oldest Windows version to touch. 

If any of you has some disks you'd be willing to part with (or even a pointer to someone that might) I'd love to hear from you.  Need not be free-- I'm happy to pay for it!


My father has a copy, although I have no idea what version it is. Plus it's on 5.25" floppies, for which I'm not entirely sure he has a system that will accommodate those drives any more...

EDIT: I spoke to him and he actually has copies on both 5.25" and 3.5", but the version on the latter is only Mk 01.3i, albeit for some reason dated 1996. :-// He seemed to recall that the 5.25" version was ancient, possibly the first release from 1988.

There is also a program called "Upload" that converts Pre 7DOS files to7DOS which the windows versions still open.
The problem is that it requires an ancient computer OS to run.

What's your old PC spec and OS?

I found mention of 'upload' on online, but haven't found a copy anywhere (I suspect it came with the 7.x DOS stuff to migrate).

I can pretty much setup a platform to match whatever it needs to be.  I still have my 486/P2/P3 machines with MSDOS 5.0/6.2/Win3.1/Win95/etc. for exactly this kind of stuff (which is why I'm digging around in these ancient files in the first place) ;-)  I'm also set up for media archiving (Central Point option board, Compaticard, Kryoflux, and Supercard Pro with 3.5", 5.25", 8" disks), so if anyone didn't want to give up your originals but were amenable to loan/rent me them long enough to do the conversions I need I'd be happy to cover all costs and send back any originals along with a USB thumb drive of transferred files from the original media for safe keeping on a more modern format. (I would suspect the application would probably install/run fine in DOSBox as I don't think the old DOS versions had dongles or FlexLM yet.)

Thanks for the help and detective work thus far!

If the files are version 7, I found mentions that the free CADSTAR Design Viewer software supposedly opens DOS v7 files. But of course, it's just a viewer, so if you need to do more, then that doesn't help.


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