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Kicad versus diptrace

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I guys, being a hobbyist I don't like paying for software, and I was over the moon when I found KiCAD which was also cross-platform compatible. This was good as I intended using Linux to. Well Linux is now just a thought again after my bad experience with a number of packages. And I see that Diptrace offer a free version now. Now I know that with KiCAD they are making a really good effort as I'm on the mailing list. But Diptrace is a commercial software, should I perhaps learn to use Diptrace?

IMO DipTrace is much better and easier to use than KiCAD, but that's to be expected I guess when you are talking a professional package with half a dozen full time people working on it, to a niche open source package.

If you can afford the money and want something that is potentially better and easier to use, then DIPtrace would be the better choice. But if you like completely free and unrestricted, and want to support open source efforts, then KiCAD will do what you want.
DIPtrace is not native linux, is needs WINE to work.



--- Quote from: Simon on May 20, 2012, 07:33:56 am ---..../ Well Linux is now just a thought again after my bad experience with a number of packages.

--- End quote ---

Sorry to hijack, but which packages? Do you need help?


--- Quote ---DIPtrace is not native linux, is needs WINE to work
--- End quote ---

And it does work very well. I also say that as someone who doesn't particularly like using wine. Pretty much the only problem I've encountered is that some dialog boxes can end up behind the main window if you click in the wrong place. That's little more then a minor irritation though.

I'm sticking with KiCAD as there are a lot of major improvements in the pipeline. The biggest ones are going to be the Eagle import plugin that is brewing and the python scripting functionality. I compile the testing version every fortnight or so and it's nice to see the improvements in realtime.
Diptrace is off the Radar for me as I have enough on my plate learning various packages at work. I've also made a major investment in Altium designer which is my professional package of choice.



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