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Looking for new PCB software and to drop my old one, what are your suggestions?

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At the time I tried every EDA I could get my hands on to play with, ranging from free to costing thousands of dollars and I determined at the time that they all suck. They're all difficult to use with weird quirks and bugs, so I decided to go with the one that is completely free and not crippled in any way. KiCad has worked well for me and it keeps getting better.

Well, for "hobby" or small company use, Proteus was not bad at all. I kinda liked it.

I also remember having evaluated Pulsonix, which seemed very good compared to the competition. But it was expensive. They appear to still be around. I wonder if anyone here has any experience with Pulsonix?

I can recommend Pulsonix. But it looks a little like overkill for the given requirements.

Have you tried Proteus? Proteus is user-friendly. It is easier than Eagle. Personally, I like Proteus 7. I feel very comfortable using that. I did not like proteus 8. The software used to hang very often.


--- Quote --- Personally, I like Proteus 7
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Yes, I preferred 7 over 8 because the PCB and schematic files were separate things. In 8 they were merged into a 'project' so you couldn't have a part number for a schematic, say, and a different one for the PCB - change one and the other changed even if they didn't actually change. Right pain for source control and BOM.

Seems to be the way of things around then. TheBrain changed from v7 to v8 so all the various projects were now under one huge database in a single folder. No way to keep one client's data separate (both in use and for backup) from anyone elses.


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