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LTSpice 24.0.10: waveform viewer is completely borked


I upgraded LTSpice from 24.0.9 to 24.0.10 (which appeared a couple days ago), and the waveform viewer is now completely borked.

Can anyone confirm that it's the same on their side? (I'm using LTSpice on Wine here, will be interested to get feedback both from Windows users and Wine users.)

Version 24.0.11 has been released - they quickly fixed it.
The main culprit was linked to changes affecting only users for which the locale settings would define the 'comma' as the decimal point (which is my case, but would explain why many of you didn't run into it.)

--- Quote ---4/5/24 LTspice 24.0.11
* Fixed bug that caused problems with ascii data, plot settings, etc, in regions that use comma as decimal symbol
* Fixed bug that prevented automatic file extension concatenation in Save As function
--- End quote ---


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