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LTSpice 24, significant update

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For those who haven't updated yet, LTSpice 24 comes with some nice improvements.
And no, I'm not talking about the new icons, which are a bit... "much".

But the simulation speed has been greatly enhanced - for typical circuits with some switching supplies, LTSpice was previously using the equivalent of 100% of 2 threads, something in that order, whatever the number of threads you would configure in its settings. With LTSpice 24, the same circuits simulate with the equivalent of 100% of 7-8 threads. It's not perfectly efficient though, so you don't get a 4x speedup, more like 2x-3x on average, still nice.
(Though the downside for those using laptops with a small number of cores is that you may now want to turn down the number of threads in the settings to avoid having the fan blow at full speed. ;D )

The waveform viewer also got some long-awaited additions.
All in all, nice update. I'd say a better update definitely than when it went from version IV to version 17.

Won't launch under wine :(

schmitt trigger:
Thanks for the tip. I have installed it and preliminary it does appear to simulate faster.  :-+
The GUI is essentially the same. The icons have a more modern look, but like any update, takes a while to get used to.

MUCH faster, indeed..  :-+
But less diode models..none BZX zener below 6V2?  :(
Also the graphics is blurry on my display, the same with the v. 17.
The v. XVII is perfectly clear/sharp here..

PS: this helped..


--- Quote from: berke on February 07, 2024, 05:20:10 pm ---Won't launch under wine :(

--- End quote ---

I use it under Wine and it works fine. What do you get when you try?


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