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Ltspice is a big dissapointment !

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i wonder why everyone is using (it seems) ltspice. Its like working with a software from 199X, and i dont talk about the looks of it. Hotkeys that other programs have, ltspice does not use like undo for example.

Simulating a button with a relais(?) and a voltage source? It also looks pretty ugly, as the switch does have its "+" on the bottom...
And on top of that, it doesnt even work (cant find the model).

Also a cant probe a node that i have named "base"???


With those limitations i tend to stick with falstad and then test my own circuits.

What about QUCS?? Is it better with this?

Keep in mind SPICE was developed in 1970's. There are not many different good free simulators out there and Ltspice isn't even open source (even though popular). Qucs and ngspice are better in this regard. It's still almost necessary to know the spice syntax. I haven't really worked with the GUI tools, but doesn't feel like they are much better than 20 years ago.

Disappointment is nothing but wrong expectations.  ;D
LTspice is a great tool once you'll get accustomed to it.

If you think LTspice GUI is bad, just try QUCS.
That will make LTspice seem gorgeous.  :)

F9 is undo. There are dozens of various switches, you have to download and install libraries.
LTSpice is not an interactive toy, you have to program the behavior of the switches.
When you name a wire "base" you can easily probe it..
I never had a problem with copy/paste something off the results windows in LTSpice..
Get a little bit familiar with the LTSpice, it is a great tool..

Also, the keys can be reassigned from the LTspice menu Tools -> Control Panel -> Drafting Options -> Hot Keys

Click on each tab and each key you want to change, even if that may seem grayed out.
I use CTRL+Z for undo, and redefined almost all the other shortcut keys and colors, too.


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