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LTSpice with FRA


Just a heads-up that a beta version has been released with a new frequency response analyzer component



This link also works, although I haven't installed this install yet:

That's nice, if only they could fix the waveform viewer bugs first before adding new features though. ::)

LTspice 17.1.6 is out of beta!

--- Quote from: Ian.M on January 31, 2023, 10:33:41 am ---LTspice 17.1.6 is out of beta!

--- End quote ---

I hope Im not breaking rules here, but as a noob to this poard, i think ive posted my topic in the wrong thread. i am hoping a MOD will pick up on this and direct to the proper thread



its all about polarised resistors :-DD

I've reverted to using LTspice XVII ver and abandoned the newer library system in the 17.1 version. The older version works fine i.m.o. and I can get my own created components from my libraries and 3rd party libraries I have inserted into my own user library file and sub-directories by just typing the first couple of letters into the component name search window and  it go right into the sub-directories to reveal the options.. In the 17.1 version it will not reveal sub-directories in the menu and one has to explicitly place them in the control panel and when searching for them you have to explicitly open the drop-down list in the library one has added where you added the component.

While I appreciate the free LTSpice from Linear very much, the newer version/s is not nearly as versatile as the older one.

The frequency response analyzer sounds interesting but its native FFT analyser and its trace expression editor is pretty good for me with its two line cursor info that it supplies, by double clicking on the variable name in the plot curves.


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