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LTspice24 - importing the A_Bordodynov's lib and examples


I've tried this and it seems it works (do it at your own risk, do backup your libraries and data before).
1. download the AB library, close the LTspice24
2. go to C:\Users\JohnSmith\AppData\Local\LTspice where you find the "lib" folder
3. delete the "lib" folder and replace it with the downloaded "lib" folder
4. fire up the LTSpice24, and do update the components with "Tools->Update components" (it returns the original components)
5. restart LTspice24 (!), you should see the ZZZ folder with AB's components as well as all original stuff when adding a component..

Adding the AB's "Examples": simply copy the examples from AB library into the "examples" folder (the same path as in 2).
You have to rename AB's "Educational" to say "EducationalAB" before copying.

I usually copy external libs in the same directory with the .asc file, so everything is self contain.  Sometimes I only copy the needed component model + symbol, they are all plain text.  This also solves the problem of same component name with more than one model.  For local libs, the filename has to be added in the schematic as a SPICE directive:  .include somemodel.lib.  This also informs what models are not from the default libs, which is good to know.

Keeping all the needed files together with the .asc makes it easier to zip the entire project then share it with everything that is needed to run, plus I don't risk to break older projects after an OS reinstall.  Otherwise you'll have to keep a list with what extra libs were installed, and from where.

I don't mind the duplicated libs or models across many projects, they are very small, usually less than 1MB for entire libs, or less than 1kB for individual models or symbols.

Hi! Can I know how to find my pole capacitor and zero resistor by AC open-loop. The stability : AC open-loop Bode plot has at least 45 degrees of phase margin at both 1% and 100% of the assigned Maximum Load Current.

I don't know how to get C3, C4 and R4.  :palm:

Thank you so much!

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