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Multisim 2K8RAM
« on: June 15, 2013, 06:43:10 pm »
Hey, I'm new to this forum and wonders if there are any Multisim users here?

I'm working on a small project were I'm using the 2K8RAM component as storage for a program.

The project is a small 8bit MCU/CPU, I'm using the 2k8Ram as a program storage.
My problem is that when I start the simulation the 2k8Ram starts with all addresses is in an unknown state, and this is causing some problem when I try to load my program.

I've solve this problem by programming a 8051 to set all addresses to 0 and then load  my program,
but this takes 5 minutest to clear and load a 24 instruction (4 commands) program...
I could use the  8051 to give out the commands, but I rather have it just load the program in ram and then "virtually" remove itself.
I'm wondering is there is an other component or an other way to load a program in to a blank memory?

The point of this project is just to learn how a simple 8bit CPU might be constructed.
If I give the instructions to the circuits it runs fine, but I takes a lot of time to give 6 instructions (with is actually just on command) manualy and that is preventing me from getting further in the design, because

1. if I do it manually and there is a small error I have to stop the simulation, fix it and then "reprogram it"
2. I had to re-do a lot of things to try and "debug" the circuit while the error was actually the ram being in an "unknown state" (rocky mistake  |O ) .

Side note:
I'm doing this at home so there might be something that I'm missing/doing wrong and I don't know people that can help me, that's why I'm asking for help in the internet.
I'll upload the circuit if it's needed, but I prefer not to because it's in a lot of small pieces right now.

And any info about designing a CPU would be greatly appreciated :)
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