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My first PCB [schematic]


A little while ago I bought a no-name soldering station from a Chinese Amazon distributor that arrived unfit for purpose and downright dangerous, so great opportunity to make my very first PCB. Having never created a thing before for which some proto-board would not suffice.

I have attached the schematic, I would really appreciate any feedback on the circuitry, or indeed schematic design, before I proceed to lay it out on PCB. It's my first "proper" schematic design I've attempted as well (i.e. one I would want to be proud of).

Most of the circuit is taken straight from the original board wherever it appears safe and sane although I've replaced the original no-name micro with a PIC18 and 7seg display driver to save on traces. Both the '12V power rail' and relay are my addition and repurposed the on/off switches to allow the transformer to be disconnected when not in use.
The original board had the primary hardwired to the mains input and the transformer gets a bit too hot if left connected. I wonder if there's anything more that can be done to prevent that?

Edit to add I missed some part names (7805, 1n4007 etc) but not sure what value most of the caps should be. I will try to remove and measure the 0805s, not sure if I'll effect their values much in the process.

D14, D15 in the 5V section should be the other way around.


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