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Need help identifying transformer

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Hi im trying to identify the transformer on this pcb the only markings on it are on the side which says 08114 ive run a google search and have been unable to have a hit on it i have also desoldered the transformer and found a b12 marking on the base. this transformer is whats busted on the pcb aswell as the bridge rectifier a new board is $450 so id really like to fix this one ive attached the photo. By the way it is an inverter board from an air conditioner

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What do you mean by busted ?  shorted turns ? open winding ? .
It looks to be very easy to rewind so why dont you do that ,then  it doesnt matter what marking's are on it.
 Just ensure you use same guage enamelled wire and same number of turns.

it was open. im quite new to electronics so will give rewinding a go are there rewind kits you can purchase with a wire gauge?

are you sure its not a mains filter?

the component? not too sure just looks like a transformer too me has 2 coils if that helps


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